Monday, 26 September 2011

Ken Garland

1962 - barbour index -

this isn't Garland, it is a gadget from '87, top of the lot sony...
Published writing
to follow up the short 'first things first' talk this afternoon, some info and writing by Ken Garland, the author.
the gist of what I was saying is that there is an opportunity at the start of this project of yours to encompass some ethical content and to consider some context to the work.
Are there any organisations that you are a member that may need content illustrating, illuminating, publicising?
how do you feel?
I graduated in 1987, at that time, posessions were out of range. there was an inner city pig farm out the back of where I lived and if the wind was bad direction, the house became very unpleasant.
I did not have much commercial aspiration, and it was not as much on the agenda of the uni to consider employability, as is the request now.
the preferred route was to try and extend education and get a place at the Royal College of Art and do an MA. Get a good portfolio together to apply for the RCA ironically was the route to London and the route to a commercial career for a time.

Any how - Ken garland writes well.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

ben Mitchell ~ good egg.

Ben Mitchell was a student on the MA course, maybe three years ago. his blog is an example of how to keep a flame under the pan. check it out, too many blogs/websites perish at the end of a course, and the trail goes cold.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Book. producing animation catherine winder

Book producing animation by Catherine Winder.


check this out here
post by Captain Capitalism, an animator from Austin Texas. here>
mostly interested in peaks and troughs of animation financing. the money is very slight presently, It is your business...