Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Soho shorts - finalists



Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, celebrating its 13th year, is excited to announce the 48 finalists in this year’s competition. The top three finalists from each category have been chosen by 120 judges, all of whom are long standing professionals in the chosen fields within the media and entertainment industry.

The RSSF 2011 Finalists are:


THE EAGLEMAN STAG directed by Mikey Please at The Royal College of Arts

NOKIA ‘DOT directed by Sumo Science at Aardman Animations

A MORNING STROLL directed by Grant Orchard at Studio AKA


CAPTURING SANTA directed by Peter Cattaneo at Sprout Pictures

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT directed by Michael Davies at Spellbound Films

COLOURBLEED directed by Peter Szewczyk at Light + Mathematics


COCKRAOCH directed by Luke Eve at More Sauce

TWO LAPS directed by Owen Trevor at Lanky Boy and Luscious International

VIA GORI directed by George Barbakadze at Iluminar Pty ltd.


HERMANN directed by Hana Geissendorfer at GFF KG

RITE directed by Michael Pearce at Digicult

DEEPER THAN YESTERDAY directed by Ariel Kleiman at The Victorian College of the Arts


AIDES ‘SMUTLEY’ directed by Againstallods at Passion Pictures

THE CHASE ¬ Venables and Bell and Intel directed by Smith & Foulkes at Nexus Productions

THIS UNPREDICTABLE LIFE - Honda directed by Smith & Foulkes at Nexus Productions


MARCHING SONG – Esben & The Witch directed by Peter King & David Procter at Agenda Collective

IRON - Woodkid directed by Yoann Lemoine at Caviar / HSI London

ISLES – Little Comets directed by Aoife McArdie at Agile Films


GOD VIEW directed by Billy Lumby

WORSHIP directed by Calum MacDiarmid

STARCROSSED directed by Tactful-Cactus at Tactful-Cactus


SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE KABUL directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel at Grain Media

PS YOUR MYSTERY SENDER directed by Benjamin Wigley at Artdocs & Scottish Documentary Institute

MANUEL DE LOS SANTOS directed by Peter Montgomery

The RSSF Finalists will be joined by Fujifilm Shorts nominee’s with all winners being announced at the RSSF Awards Ceremony being held at Curzon Soho on Thursday 28th July 2011.

The festival is a non-profit event, taking place from 20th to 29th July, and is recognized as one of UK’s best Short Film Festivals, promoting filmmakers to the film, TV and commercial production industries with an equal focus on emerging and established talent.

The festival opened with the very well received feature documentary POM Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, directed by Morgan Spurlock. The documentary explores the potential for product placement in financing films, a source of funding that is increasingly applicable for short format work.

The last five days have seen sell out seminars at The Hospital Club, BAFTA, Deluxe Soho alongside panels at the Applestore discussing the Future of Documentary with the Documentary Filmmakers Group, the Future of Advertising with the APA and an amazing showcase from Addictive TV.

The straight 8 programme opened last night to a sell out audience of filmmakers and super 8 fanatics with a second premiere screening tonight with another new 20 straight 8 films - as yet unseen by their filmmakers.

All details can be found on the website: and the programme

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Cartoon Forum is neither a fair nor a festival, but rather a European co-production forum for TV and new platforms animation.

* 700 delegates each year, including 240 buyers
* 66 animation projects to be pitched
* A unique networking place: sightseeing tours, Welcome and Farewell Dinners
* Efficiency of the formula: +450 series financed since 1990, representing a total budget of 1.5 billion EUR

The 22nd Cartoon Forum will take place from 13-16 September 2011 in Sopot, Poland, a modern and lively seaside city near the historical city of GdaƄsk.

have a look to see what is being pitched, where the productions are coming from, the style and approaches to writing, it is a good survey.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Derry, City of Culture in 2013

Derry~Londonderry has made history after winning its bid to be the first ever UK City of Culture in 2013. The momentous win means that in 2013 Derry~Londonderry will play host to a year-long celebration of culture in the city, opening its doors to visitors from across the world.

Like Derry is waiting, so are we. send me the links to your blogs, and I will put them up there on the left...